(on 5-ht2 antagonist):

the sea covered most of the city (water at ankle height). it was supposed to recede in 2 hours so they could launch a rocket into “very outer outer outer space”.

a beach without sand – green grass instead. I dressed something over a bikini when I saw a hoover the size of a small building, gathering all the water, revealing roads.

they placed the rocket on a roundabout. It was partly made of chocolate and some of it melted when the engines were turned on to the delight of children around that rolled around and licked some from the road.

they asked me if I wanted to go and I looked around trying to decide – “this is very last minute” I said.

it was quickly solved – I just had something to finish. It was a board game. They gave me a big belt with an elastic rope attached to the rocket that would give me “1:22 minutes” to finish the move. I ran to a coffee place near the roundabout and could hear the engine roar and the smell of chocolate in the air.

I sat down facing some opponent and finished the game with my last move with a win.

running back to near that roundabout I saw the rocket start to disappear and very softly felt my feet take off the ground. A voice told me to sleep – I closed my eyes and felt my body rotating on its axis which felt surprisingly smooth and comfortable.

I woke up fluctuating near “7.5-8-9”, a constellation of sorts. Someone from the rocket, at a safe distance, waved goodbye and I unlocked the belt and rope attachment. They were trying to fix the parts made of chocolate that melted on the way…

I saw some chairs and tables floating around. Fish were sitting on the chairs, having a smoke and drinking wine. I kinda swam to go in their direction and they went quiet(er) – I could hear them complain about humans and felt some rolling their eyes at me.

a couple of them were nice enough to let me sit with them and I said I would not interrupt, I’d just sit there being quiet. They asked me what was I doing in “very outer outer outer space” and I replied “just visiting” and they explained they had a lot of fun looking at Earth with telescopes watching people fight. They explained that the very outer outer outer space was the “normal world” and that Earth was just a place their community (of all kinds of animals) was kept aside because humans would be fearful of such empty vastness “like fish out of the water” – they laughed while saying this part.

the table top transformed into a big multi-board game surface. I told them I had stopped around “7.5-8-9” and they knew where it was. They proceeded to ignore me and play tic-tac-toe (except it was more than a 3 in a row game, more like 10 in a row).

a big board of tic-tac-toe and two fish sitting on their chairs, having a laugh and muttering weird things about humans.


I’m back to this reality but can’t shake the image of the very dapper fish playing tic-tac-toe.

next post about empathy and how I believe most people don’t have the emotional empathy everyone talks about Haha just a reminder for myself as I’m running around today

on mutual exclusivity

“you can tell that she is very intelligent but, at the same time, extremely creative” …

hhhHHHHhhhhHhhhhhhMMMmmmmmMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm… kkkaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy…

… I’ll be OK if I don’t hear something dumber than this throughout this week. “But, at the same time”, I don’t hold hope in high regard…