She opened her eyes

As per usual, she stayed in bed for a few more minutes grasping the reality of the day ahead.

The ceiling was the same. Grey.
It did not really matter. She had to get up.

The stomach did not ask for food / just coffee.
She hit the grey button in the grey machine and the grey substance jolted to the grey porcelain cup.

She drank the awfully tasting substance others claimed to be coffe / it really was not. But there was nothing she could do about it / not anymore.

Sometimes a hint of sunshine came through the clouds and she was convinced that some colour came with it.
Maybe the grey reflected a bit of what she really needed / inside and out.

Not today.
The clouds were heavy and rain had already set in for the day.
/Great!/ she sighed.

Not only did she have to go outside but she had to walk a couple of miles to deliver her next project / an essay on colour.
Not that anyone knew what she was babbling about but she swore she had seen it in a previous moment / it was hard to describe to the general blindness surrounding her.

The grey drops of acid rain fell with a thunder as she locked the door and headed outside.
She did not care for umbrellas for the acid rain was one of the few things that reminded her of colour.

At least I feel something / she thought.

She never quite understood how the city lost its colour / the people were so used to it by now that their skin had dulled to a faint shade of a shadow of sorts.

She was made fun by all the passersby as her skin still glowed in a rosy pair of cheeks that made her the centre of attention.

Children would point at her face in awe asking their parents what was /that/.

She just smiled and whispered /there is another world in which grey is not the only colour/

But one believed her ///

She could see her own reflection as she hurried up to the print shop. Grey sunglasses, grey hat, grey earphones, grey sweater, grey lipstick. Amazing childlike cheekbones though / and that was the only colour everyone had ever seen. The shade of rose made her look freakishly different.

*part 1*

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