hoje. agora.
quero saber
preciso de saber

EDIT – espero que não seja algo do género “Trump cortou os fundos, adeus” *mic drop*

EDIT 2 – provavelmente vão anunciar

“The heart belonging to a young woman was found afloat in outer space. We don’t know who this heart belongs to and it’s the first human organ that sustained life outside of our atmosphere. This is an extraordinary finding as we are now beginning the search for the woman without her heart. It’s exciting both for us and for any medical team – there is a body, somewhere, without a heart. We come to you to ask for your help in finding this woman.
Examination brought to light the fact that this woman should be about 30, caucasian. Medium-height, strong sensitivity. The heart is completely broken but still pumps. To whoever is hearing us – help us find the young woman without her broken heart.”

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