there was once a man so dedicated to love that “he refused to answer telegrams concerning his work and business for about six weeks”. Lucky bastard, there were no pings and beeps.

He was a brilliant evil man (phase 5 – full colour spectrum)

and here I am just hoping I can disconnect from myself for a couple of hours.

(this is my safe place, I am not online, I am talking to me and myself only)

with loads of pages of information (overload) by my side; not needed but always welcomed (insecure attachment).

cognitive dissonance slowly making it’s way towards out of body dissonance (non-bio).

sleep tight


ps – the man is Cecil Rhodes. He has a fascinating story (subpar to De Beers brothers – the diamond marketing schemers of the 30’s is tonight’s leisure time)

if you know of any other well-established cultural symbol fuelled by successful marketing (with a non-existent demand and non-existent market) please write me an email*



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