a mad scientist cornered in the finding that nothing is ever truly real – with a penchant for all things glittery and a soothing presence.


a mad scientist trying to break the light speed every two days who still won’t move a finger to understand how light works.

a mad scientist high on the fumes they don’t didn’t know would happen but studied enough to supposedly know.

a mad scientist in a rush for a night outside planet earth, without an astronaut suit, hoping to come back safe and sound.

a mad scientist who falls in love desperately, passionately, a mad scientist with hatred in the heart.

a mad scientist looking to block all colour from the vast array of a distorted vision which enables seeing colours that never were.

a frantic mad scientist who enjoys the tiniest things in life… a scientist who disregards science and all the theories.

a mad person, in the end, who is just as mad as every one else.



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