SIFS – happy

singing w/ melody:

i’m really happy that you’re happy

i can be dying but that doesn’t matter – you’re happy!

it there was only a chance for the two, to make happiness true

it would be great as well but I won’t promise not to get sappy!

i’m really happy that you’re fucking happy

talking fast over melody:

just like don’t ever stop being yourself and please don’t be happy-go-lucky because happy-go-lucky is misery and pain and fake and false!!!! Don’t go there, it’s strange and scary, don’t be so happy that it obliterates the real reasons for living….  but all in all I can appreciate….

back to singing along melody:

and feel happy for you being happy



* SIFS (Stupid Idea For a Song)


also sharing new obsession: old lady shoes with neon socks. ALWAYS neon socks. There’s no life without neon socks I tell you – try it! Kinda hard finding them but true neon is always worth it!


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