walking // on eggshells

Let the egg sit in vinegar for a day inside a plastic container. After 24 hours, remove the egg with a big wooden spoon. Place the egg on the floor, hard surface. Proceed to walk over it.

and this is how it does not hurt to walk on eggshells. I never quite understood the meaning of this phrase. I get what it means but the portuguese version of it is more descriptive “walk on little feet of wool” (hard translation). You’d think that walking on eggshells would be painful enough to make you scream and break the whole purpose of it – staying quiet.

with that in mind, I will be walking on cotton balls. I’m allergic to wool. Cotton balls are a) useful, b) readily available, c) smooth and d) non-painful to walk on.

the idea that first crossed my mind while I started to write is a forgone thought already… will come back to this sooner.

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