go on then!

… huh, what? Me?… hmmmm, sure I guess –

not much to say. The usual. A pounding burning head, one hour of pure laziness and stretches – most often while I try to keep my eyes closed but being forceful gets me an opposite result – and all the thoughts in the world asap because I don’t want them with me all freakin’ day! Enough? I can give you more.

how to complain while being perfectly joyous:

the tea is cold (but I don’t like it hot)
I love the rain (not now for fuck’s sake!)
I feel my body burning, uhhh (but I’m still shivering outside the covers)
don’t ask me questions I know the answer to (but ask them anyway if they’re playful)
I can’t wait for this day to end… (but not too early, it was one of the best of my life)
my heart is beating too fast, I’m getting out of breath (but please don’t stop, it feels great)

ok that was it I have nothing left.

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