solo flight of thought

save me from letting go

on the surface of the sea
letting go with no regret, willingly.

save me from the cold

on the windy streets of the unknown city
where my eyes bleed salty crystals

save me from all I ever knew

wherever you want to take me
i am willing to go

save me from distrust

in the arms of comfort
safety, peace

save me from wanting to run away

if I hesitate
grab me
it’s a lie
I keep repeating to myself

save me by not disappearing

it’s dark out there
where human figures float in space as shadows
where eyes pierce right through me
and rob me from what I am

the glint in your eyes shows me I’m home

save me from all the black holes, fill them up, turn them into sound or colour or cotton candy
see me in a microscope and take some time to figure me out, I’ll be here

I’ve always been

i will return everything back
i will shine your way and stay
i will dance with you in circles until we no longer touch the ground

up and up we go
where dreams are made and they come true – the good ones, the “too good to be true” ones,

we’ll see darkness from the sky
in a duet of delirium
of touch and caresses
we will create our very own star
forever living from what was once imagination
and will feel as real

as real could ever be

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