faintly safe

tear me apart
rip me into a million pieces

you will pick the shreds and form me again, picking them up one by one
so your fingers will have to caress me back to shape

a million different ways
a million times
and the hedonism can be pure love (not degradation)


where should I stop and remain?
between my body // reality
and my mind // clouds
is there a “right” measure for daydreaming? share the formula
, measured in kisses

the distance I run all day between ground and sky and back again is tiring – where should I remain? Give me a range

but don’t dare take the dreams away, or the depths of water or the heights of above, or the sound that is around, or the most vivid hues of light and colour –
i’d rather leave the body then…

pull me to the ground
but not tight enough to stop me from flying or diving, for love is only real there, where time stands a bit more still than the nights with endless dreams

// hedonism


isn’t pleasure-seeking nothing but another word for motivation?
welcome it. desire desire itself. seek attraction. feel for more feelings.
earthly obligations mixed with passion floating around make life worth so much more… // motivation

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