a glisten of something worthy

not for everyone to see, mind you.
carefully threading through – offering words and hearts, trying to maneuver the worry that is not for me to have and consider.
still, can one watch them fall in quicksand after they’ve been there before? I only offer so much.

the identity is not in the mirror anymore, it’s in my steps. of tiredness and fatigue of being extremely careful.
alas, it changed. It doesn’t turn careless, but it touches on carefree and I must say… it is in time for something I’d never considered happening, to stay on the sidelines, not worrying but just hoping. Here and there. Never too much!

what is one to do if we are being shown destruction? You wouldn’t guess the answer to be “face the other way” but if you go back and see any pattern of sorts… it’ll always be there.

you have to run free. As in… getting fucking real. Real to senses, to fantasies, to our vision, our driving forces – real to everything and everyone that doesn’t pretend to be it.

maybe then. Maybe now. Maybe later. Maybe tonight.

and there comes a day when the maybe is over. Is it worth it? Absolutely. Pain can only hurt as much as pleasure can feel good.

that type of pure joy one tends to lose with time mixed with the right amount of wisdom gained with that same time is one of the rarest reunions. Yet, the most important.

forever the most important.

stay nice *
in peace and stillness. in motion and emotion.

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