shred the usage
and all the pleasure

come to find how ridiculously frail every drop of you can turn out to be.

prospects of broken bodies and souls

take care, take care
you’re no longer carefree

smashed bones and collapsed lungs

take care, take care
you’re no longer carefree

age is not only a number
(as the face and tender smile
fool the kings and the peasants)

take care, take care…

no longer dream
of higher heights and adrenalines of such,
no longer dream
of not having to worry…

take care! you’re no longer carefree…


all reminders
of a body yet-to-be-worn

bring out the happiness
glue it to the wheel
step aside from yourself for a moment
you won’t ever need to kneel

I am no longer carefree…

how fair is the dissonance of the bodies in strike?
how fair is the murmur of the broken hearts?
how fair is the numbness of a tired, worn out body?

never fair

never easy

and forever.

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